YOUR team, who is taking care of YOUR well being!
The people who make the Parkhotel Schoenegg so special.

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Ingo Schmoll

Your host

Ingo Schmoll – Since May 1st 2018 I am allowed to lead the destinies of the Parkhotel Schoenegg. An Austrian who has found his home in Grindelwald – at the Parkhotel Schoenegg!

The reservation and reception artists

… know the region well and are happy to help you with unforgettable excursion tips!

  • Conny

  • Verena

  • Vera

  • Maria

  • Manuel

  • Alen

  • Cristiano

  • Nicole

  • Carlos

  • Marta

The plate and glasses jugglers

… serve you tasty food with the right wine and a warm smile!

The room fairies and gnomes

… ensure cleanliness in and around your feel-good room!

  • Kerstin

  • Claudia

  • Tetjana

  • Toze

  • Stanislav

  • Paul

  • Tamara

  • Marc

  • Sergej

  • David

  • Matteo

  • Dominik

The raw material refiner

… like to spoil you with regional and fresh products!

Owner family for generations

After more than 30 years, Anja and Thomas Stettler have handed over their day-to-day operations to Ingo Schmoll and are now working in the background.

  • The 4th Generation: Anja and Thomas Stettler with Tschingel

  • The 4th Generation: Heinz Stettler

  • The 3rd Generation: Hans-Rudolf Stettler,1914-1996 and Doris Stettler-Pflüger, 1921-2016

  • The 2nd Generation: Adolf Stettler, 1882-1932 and Rosa Stettler-Schneider, 1888-1972

  • The 1st Generation: Gottlieb Stettler, 1840-1902 and Lucia Stettler-Kaufmann, 1846-1910

A traditional and personal history

In 1892, Gottlieb Stettler, who acquired the chalet built in 1868 in the heart of Grindelwald, laid the foundation for the history of Schoenegg by transforming the doctor’s surgery into a family guest house.

Since 1892, much has changed but one thing remains the same, the high value Parkhotel Schoenegg places on hospitality and the “homely atmosphere of wellbeing”. This is particularly evident in the high number of returning guests, and the many loyal staff members who have been with us for many years, some even for up to 30 years.

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Arrival and location plan

We are here for you:

Check-in: 2pm to 5pm
Check-out: 8am to 12pm